And Of All

And from what is known as a flash freeze the
ground of the landscape had been encased
with barren lots of passage of crusted flat ice

And padlocks that had froze with the matched
cut keys dropped bent in winds too strong to
settle snow other than in the stone filled air

And to drift against laid doors that remain shut
with the outdoors left as it is met with two feet
taking to walk because its closed back there

And there are shagged chasms of bark of solid
stunned trees that were never born but always
have grown and been hewed by sun and cold

And even though rubber soled prints trace back
to your want but around and in also snow finally
now falling upon ground from the bare sky of

All objects and as light and endless as a road
as long as a horizon that was there the days
this crumpled mass of earth was sat in its gyre.

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