As You Deem

The choice of feeling you don’t want to participate, instead
Claimed to understand and then the clusters of new mosquitoes
Are found frantic, asunder while they displace the evening light,
And so the packs of sparrows then are also overly riled,
As with the first darkening of a storm and the same as scarce food
During the mid winter, both with urgency, farrago flights
Amidst winds, blunt clouds, and in each is heard something
Through songs you do not hear sung in the early morning
And more like the snarfs carried from a past year’s loan boar,
Possibly on a small island resolute against the pull of tides
With streams as craggy as the live problems of assurance,
The sun and moon replaced with stubs of incised stones.
How it is ruined when polluted with imposed implication.
How it can be viewed when surrounded by unlimited ocean.

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mark said...

songs you did not hear from morning..

very good