Some Evening Consolations

A brisk wait on the driveway,
Not wanting to go in or out,
Leaning against a door panel
Slightly dinged at inspection,

The avenues call upon the trees,
Towards those few still standing

Both swollen and craggy.


Astringent surveys of segments
mad at brown deciduous for not
bothering the beforehand and
without use for an afterward.

Closeness is an always that they grow,
Exposing of what the final consists.

Loneliness only a lack of faith
In the instant that is awareness.


Slowly houses blend indistinguishable
And the danger of the umber void
Is the allured peaceful draw
From shades of an earlier verdure,

Always in the whole of insult
And worth a dumb forgetting.


Contrasts make for stark presence,
The pale carve of sky a screen
for paper puppets.

Temperature drop pulling up
the outlines of shadows
into a silhouette.

Leaves turn,
Fall long past the knots of
The broken aggrandizements.


Nothing deserves the span of time
That provides a color of presence.

A stand in the areas now allowed
Fills about with a completeness.

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