In the Midst

In the midst of a demanding
book I pulled up from its
attention and out the
window was the snow that
doesn’t ask for mental rest any-
more than it has any use for
hundreds of flakes of ideas of
the snow as what is about
its distance is proximity un-
sought monotone accumulating
with the other couple few
patrons this day or two from
Christmas in their own personal
silent ways driven in uncorrected
pastures as a wind through one
open window and out through
the other picking and leaving
during some other greener
version with this December that
shows that it is respite which
is the only one thing un-
imaginable with what the
material here comprehends and
can reveal equanimity through
the glass when clear for
about as long as the breath is
stranded before the delivery
truck continues with exhalation
fogging into our entire world
cloudy and when cold enough
with a newly falling snow.

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