Enhancement and Script

Cut from the side of an oak barrel
an attitude takes a tiller indoors
and with it, the enhancement

in waves called from what is otherwise
the sewn draw of motion-- such as moon
about earth and earth around the sun,

absent any decision from that micro-
fire of a blue tipped match thrown
beneath the furnace. How hot nerves

through the grates to the fathoms
of the backrooms, as when I can’t wait
for enseeled rain to flood her bath

and collide with what's whispered
for the rising flames of tomorrow.
There, the parts of a life story

drown in the basin of enclosure.
Even before any of the utilities
are touched, your open robe

unwinds in an open permeability
of cloth, not yet displaced from
floors of the forests, for the shelves

titled with phrases in a paperback,
before the black ink is divided
from an ocean bottom gurgled

with myrtle groves of soaked kelp.
The bantam relay on such lines,
engraving a thin script, sure

this is of a total stone with a path
of pieces. Small frictions submerged
in the full volume of the world.

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