Astringent, Antiseptic, and Detoxifying

The weather bit warmer than it had been
over a few days back. Moistened with
humidity but spiked on the broad scent
of juniper berries, sketched off from conifers
while blue resinous rain soaks the backdrop.

Not that the bills have or had been paid,
or are no longer due. The mail still arrives
from clockwork stations. Thanks a bunch.
Paper cuts to adorn the landscape
like processioned chisels. Luckily,
some deliveries meant to be made
route over towards new happenstance

once the solvent matter is fully regarded.
An ointment of cleanliness. Not necessarily
sharp, but brisk as cold gin, bold stones
in rivers that pepper into the evergreens,
herbaceous with camphor and fully esteemed.

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Annotated Margins said...

And if the solvent matter is never disregarded, it's cleanliness will be revealed in the esteemed gin.