Compact with Nostalgia

Borrowed words can be used to match
a point on the unreachable constancy
of the horizon, still there is more
involved during an evening
so far deep beyond the frame.

For a long love on the carpet.
Two new baby squirrels in the yard
that spend more time about the grass
than up in the tree. At morning
I had looked up and decided upon

a concentration for the rest of the day
with the influx of a plastic radio,
damn yammering while raking leaves
and then the full choir of mauve rounds
out with the heartbeats of childhood.

Nostalgia won’t be slipping past, it is
carried on within the loam of the earth
after the fade out of re-acquaintance;
a warm hand on the turned back and
loaned touch out from the clearing cold.

At some moment closer to midnight,
the shadows are not any more longer,
or darker, but reveal blind formlessness
carrying on, as complete as diurnal
agendas. From a lamp a still-life moans.

Through this, inevitably, what strives
to be interpreted and will hold out
past us all night. If not in dreams
of sleep, then what it mythologized on
the bed stand, always in privacy.

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