The cold absence above chimneys
not unlike a hollowed gloom
brought out to faltering fields

containing nothing beyond
the trees. Empty space in both
that is tattered from what is

broken so also configurations,
wild coherencies, anatomic remnants
without time in pure action

of form, substance synonymous
with past and a future,
opposites, both so equally blind--

only arsenic of shear presence.
Dangerous? When watching a few
kids in play down at the park,

sliding back onto loss fragments
aside the stance parents who
sip from insulated travel mugs,

suctioned pains are for what
is not remembered as familiarity
moves forward to loss.

A pair of worn shoes remains.
Bafflements poorly miscontstrued
as wanting an it to be resolved.

But they are. A couple of new
soles and fresh resonance
of fleeing ground polish

skirting levels of tumid vallies
as what is loved escapes on inward
steps free with sequenced motion.