Breakfast Nook

This morning runs on to assorted
endings at the bottom of clay coffee,
as they do, and clouds not to stay
in always a parting somewhere
between the time I woke up
and here, sounds from the street

now audible, undone tousle
for unremembered Wednesday.
Explanation in going lost details
to surmise vacancy in what is meant
to be intuited today, the conveyer
between conditions and memory.

To be helpless to that end, carried upon
blank effort, worth imposed random
and abstractions with raw lumber
aggraded for birds’ nests only later
absent, abandoned, split slow
seconds, fixtures in current wind.

“How late did you go last night?”
Longer than I anticipated. A holdout
for the brightest colors to stretch
a dulcet inverse of pool accented
with the cold fuel of salamander.
When sun rises, where do they go?

Outside, the purest of hard gems. Makes
that contrast worth it. Of passing sheen
yellow upon the magenta lavender
greens, ellipsoidal way of remaining
center, seeing from a floating caricature
as maybe in a glass-cut vase filled

with cave water upon an eggshell mantle.
Difficulties when limited to ourselves
and to develop a perspective developing
from it. A platform worthy of place,
observatory, not above all the matters
venturing from previously gone habitats

while the tagged resolute implants
are not to survive, instead to see rise
edema of day and diminished night
both corticated with thin conclusions,
backed with a galaxy of cauldron
brim with chance, stirring plurality

to continue only then ever slightly
different, with infinite omniscient
colorful experience that makes me
more than a spectator, admixed
being and foliated lattice with lamina;
brittle absorptions, moons and suns.

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mark said...

well done...like the breathless/weary accretion