Petal Tongue Stars And Flowers

As I persist with the further additions
and subtractions-- with these

there is meekness and fertile cark
out the sides of worm filled gobs.

Which is possibly fine if to accept
patiently the creeping sun to display

an adornment of scant crepe blossoms.
Grown risks, the morph of the frowzy

putridness and the bloated and sullen
compost live edged with past necrotic

supplements. Available and irrespective,
for a thrown aerobic toss of dimension

halved with unknown purpose into
a cortege of pout marl, a moist seepage

with terra shift assemblies between
beginnings, endings, spacious spools

dripped with humid glint from eons
of star dust, where initial desire was

aggressively accountable within these
not so definitive materials, hybridizing

ceaselessly in unconscious mire. Active
into new realms on whispered tongues

of warnings, elegies, hopes, the promise
of homage thickly pasted, with bristle,

stuck hair of grotto example, for eminent
glissades of the not so hidden force

in the moon’s severed paleness,
it’s concurrent tide-pull upon oceanic

ground flowers opening and shutting
amidst revolving travails risen over

on exigent stalks that bend petal-beams
northward, stabilized to an astronomic

constancy amidst the ongoing tackle of
metabolic relations within their roots.

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